Some notes about the spelling of villages and other words

For this app, the names of the villages follow the orthography adopted by the Hopi Tribe, which can be referenced in Hopìikwa Lavàytutuveni (Hopi Dictionary). Furthermore, we generally do not use diacritics for most words in the app, which are sometimes not used in the same ways among the different villages. We do this to avoid promoting one dialect over another.

For your interest, here are the names of the Hopi villages.

First Mesa
Waalpi (Walpi)
Hanoki (Hano or Tewa)
Sitsom'ovi (Sichomovi)

Second Mesa
Musungnuvi (Mishongnovi)
Supawlavi (Shipaulovi)
Songoopavi (Shungopavi)

Third Mesa
Kiqötsmovi (Kykotsmovi)
Orayvi (Oraibi)
Hotvela (Hotevilla)
Paaqavi (Bacavi)
Atkya Munqapi (Lower Moencopi)
Ooveq Munqapi (Upper Moencopi)

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